19 Best Free Compressor VST Plugins 2021 – Get Perfect Volume Every Time

Amazingly, ATKStereoCompressor is offered as a 32- and 64-bit Windows VST, in addition to a Mac VST and AU on PLUGINS four FREE. Matthieu Brucher was clearly a prolific man. Not content material to create …

Amazingly, ATKStereoCompressor is offered as a 32- and 64-bit Windows VST, in addition to a Mac VST and AU on PLUGINS four FREE. Matthieu Brucher was clearly a prolific man. Not content material to create one compressor, he additionally created the ATKColoredCompressor, which is a mono compressor. Again, it options type of a bland design, however what we are able to inform from its identify is that its meant to emulate previous analog and tube compressors with a little bit of distinctive coloration. With controls for RMS, assault, launch, threshold, slope, softness, shade, high quality, make up, and dry/wet, it provides you loads of choices for tweaking and optimizing your compression. Again, it’s suitable with Windows and Mac. Analog Obsession is one other prolific creator, and their plugins are virtually universally liked by music producers and sound engineers. BUSTERse is meant as a basic console compressor with some additional filter and transient sidechain choices. The stereo compressor module is made up of threshold, make-up, assault, launch, ratio, and combine controls.

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