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An account within OldSchool RuneScape is an alternative expression for the player profile, character or even avatar. As you can imagine, each account has its own credential that is supposed to be owned by one person at the time. Interestingly enough, one player can have multiple OSRS accounts as long as he doesn’t exploit the game. As any account, the OSRS account keeps information regarding player’s progress and, as previously mentioned, it also holds the player accountable for any breach of rules stated in the Code of Conduct. Additionally, Jagex, RuneScape’s developer, does not allow trading of OSRS accounts whether in-game or in the real world. Despite this, OSRS accounts are still being sold relentlessly because Jagex can only permanently ban players for trading their accounts in-game, since they cannot control real-world trading. 
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As previously mentioned, players are allowed to have multiple OSRS accounts as long as they abide by the rules stated in the Code of Conduct. In most scenarios, players have one account in which is invested the most, known as a primary or main account, and other accounts, called secondaries or alternatives, which are disposable and are considered to be pures since they are created for a certain purpose, typically for money making
OSRS account types
First and foremost, it is important to touch upon what is a “pure” within OldSchool RuneScape. A pure is an alternative expression for an account build, such as void pure for example. Pures generally focus on a certain skill tree rather than levelling multiple skills at the time in order to be more effective in that particular skill. 
Within OSRS there are infinite character build options which can be listed under Combat pures, Skill pures, also known as level 3 Skiller, and Ironman Mode. Ironman Mode isn’t exactly a pure but it is an account type so we will briefly touch upon it anyway.
A combat pure is a character who is focused and trained in combat skills to excel in player-versus-player combat scenarios which are common in the Wilderness and in the Duel Arena. Combat pures prioritize offensive stats, such as Attack and Strength, and in the meantime maintain combat level to a minimum. The most efficient way of training combat pure skills is by completing specific quests. Only after completing every necessary quest a player should resort to hand training. Keep in mind that it is advisable to look up what quests are necessary for your pure since it is tempting to complete a quest which looks interesting at first without realizing that it is going to reward you with an undesired skill experience and ruin your pure in the process. 
Each of the three main OSRS account types can be broken down into numerous pure types and explaining each would overshadow the main purpose of this article so we will simply list all of them without explanation.
Types of Combat pure characters are One-Defence, Obsidian, Granite maul, Predator, Defence, Black, 13 Defence, Initiate, Clanning, Rune, Berserker, Void, Mage, Mage tank, Range, Range tank and Barrows pure. Hybrid is an exception since it focuses on more than one combat style gaining versatility but losing skills’ full potential. As mentioned before, pures work best at the expense of other skill trees meaning that there are those which are commonly neglected such as Defence which takes a long time to level and is harder to win 1v1 with since main focus is on defence rather than offense. The second most neglected skill within OldSchool RuneScape is Prayer since its skills lack usefulness at higher levels and quest requirements to level them are too high in consideration to the value of the skill. The final, commonly neglected, skill is Attack due to the fact that it is useful for weapon unlocks and melee accuracy which can be simply improved by wearing amulets. 
Skill pure, or level 3 Skiller is a pure that revolves around non-combat skils and naturally focuses on not leveling Combat skills past level three. Keep in mind that being a skill pure can make your leveling much more difficult and certain quests more challenging since they require combat. Level 3 Skillers usually equip a bow with no arrows so that they can evade combat and some even set attack options to hidden to prevent gaining Combat experience. Pay attention to what quests you choose in order to avoid ruining your skill pure.
Finally, Ironman Mode is a type of OldSchool RuneScape account that makes players 100% self-sufficient, meaning that players are restricted in terms of trading, PvP, scavenging dropped items, group activities and every other interaction with any player within OSRS. The Ironman Mode can only be enabled after Tutorial Island when speaking to Iron Man Tutor, and it is even possible to convert an account into a standard one or from the two other ironman options to a basic ironman by taking to any of the tutors in Lumbridge. These two options are hardcore ironman and ultimate ironman and they only differ from the original in number of deaths allowed, use of banks and in retention of items upon dying; upon death hardcore ironmen turn into standard ironmen, but ultimate ironmen only lose their items and respawn. After choosing any of the three Ironman modes seven days have to pass in order for it to take effect, meaning that players can change their opinions and switch to a different ironman or to a standard account within those seven days. Additionally, players can choose to permanently stay in Ironman mode, but have to contact Customer Support to cancel this action since it cannot be done in game. 
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