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Harness the explosive energy of Solar with Solar 3.0’s Aspects and Fragments system.Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted has completely reworked all Solar subclasses. Gunslingers, Dawnblades, and Sunbreakers have all been converted from the original …

Harness the explosive energy of Solar with Solar 3.0’s Aspects and Fragments system.
Destiny 2's Season of the Haunted has completely reworked all Solar subclasses. Gunslingers, Dawnblades, and Sunbreakers have all been converted from the original subclass branch system into the more recent Aspects and Fragments system.
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Introduced with Stasis, Aspects and Fragments allow you to pick exactly how you want your character to behave. Pick from multiple build-defining traits, powerful passive bonuses, and a plethora of abilites to create the ultimate Guardian. This guide will walk you through what Solar 3.0 is, the core fundamentals of what makes Solar special, and we'll cover every Aspect each of the classes have. We'll also showcase what each Solar Fragment does for all Solar subclasses.
Solar 3.0 is an overhaul to Destiny 2's Solar subclasses—Gunslinger Hunter, Dawnblade Warlock, and Sunbreaker Titan. All Solar subclasses now use Aspects and Fragments to dictate their functionality, similar to how Stasis and Void work. Instead of choosing between one of three subclass trees, you'll get to choose between multiple Supers, grenades, melee abilities, and two Aspects. The Aspects you select determine how many Fragments you can allocate.
Solar 3.0 is a net buff for all subclasses. Gunslingers can now buff weapon damage reliably. Dawnblades have more movement tools than ever before. And Sunbreakers have more ways to disintegrate hordes of enemies. A few nodes from the previous system have been deprecated with this 3.0 conversion, although most of Destiny's iconic Solar passives have been preserved.
Aspects are class-specific perks that introduce additional functionality to your subclass. Each Solar subclass has access to three Aspects exclusive to them, but you can only equip two of them at once. Aspects range from powerful passive bonuses to new movement abilities you can use mid-combat. Each Aspect also comes with a certain number of Fragment slots, denoted by a number of pips under the Aspect's image.
Fragments are class-agnostic passives that help flesh out your subclass. All Solar classes can use all Solar Fragments. For example, a Gunslinger and Sunbreaker could both use the Tempering Fragment to buff their in-air effectiveness. Fragments aren't as powerful as Aspects, yet you can equip far more of them on average. Fragments can also affect your character's stats positively or negatively. For example, a utility-focused Fragment might grant +10 Mobility to make it more enticing for Hunter builds. Conversely, a powerful Fragment could drop your Discipline by -10.
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Subclasses in Destiny 2 feature keywords, verbs that are shorthand for a unique buff or interaction. When you hover over a Solar Aspect or Fragment, you might see a particular word highlighted. That's a keyword. Certain subclass features and Exotics can utilize that keyword to great effect or alter it. Let's go over what these keywords mean:
Cure is the Dawnblade's specialty, acting as an instant heal. The heal provided by Cure is significant and instant. Notable sources of Cure are Healing Grenades—something all Solar subclasses have access to—Phoenix Dive, and the Sunbreaker's Throwing Hammer.
Restoration is the main buff provided by Sunbreaker, granting uninterruptible health and shield regeneration while active. By default, Restoration lasts for five seconds and grants a small amount of regen per second. The regeneration is comparable to Karnstein Armlets' Exotic effect. Notable sources of Restoration include Sunspots, Healing Grenades, and the Warlock's Heat Rises buff.
Radiant is where Gunslingers shine, granting increased weapon damage while active. This damage bonus is 25% in PvE (10% in PvP) and lasts for 10 seconds by default. Radiant does stack with some damage buffs—notably High-Energy Fire, Empowering Rift, and other 20% damage bonuses. Any damage buff that is 25% or greater will not stack with Radiant and override it instead. It's unclear if this is a bug or intentional. Notable sources of Radiant include the Hunter's Lightweight Knife, the Acrobat's Dodge ability, and the Warlock's Well of Radiance Super.
Scorch is a rework of the burn debuff. Inflicting Scorch on a target will cause them to gain a certain number of Scorch stacks and begin taking damage over time (known by most as DoT). Similar to Stasis Slow, this Scorch debuff can stack up to 100 times, at which point the target will Ignite. In laymen's terms, they explode and lose all Scorch stacks. The strength of Scorch's DoT scales with how many stacks are on the target. Inflicting Scorch multiple times on the same target will add the stacks together. Scorch stacks passively decay, slowly reducing the DoT damage received until all Scorch stats are removed. Scorch cannot kill a Guardian in PvP, regardless of how many Scorch stacks are active.
Ignite is shorthand for a large explosion. When a target reaches 100 Scorch stacks, they will explode for a massive amount of damage. Ignite has a blast radius on-par with Sunshot's on-kill effect and can be further enhanced with certain Fragments.
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Veteran Destiny players will have Solar 3.0 automatically unlocked upon logging in. New Lights will need to unlock Solar 3.0 through Ikora Rey at the Tower. Solar Aspects, Fragments, and grenades may be purchased from her for Glimmer.
Ember of Empyrean and Ember of Char are currently unavailable from Ikora. These Fragments will likely be released in a future patch.
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On Your Mark is a reworked version of Chains of Woe, increasing reload speed and handling for yourself and nearby allies with each precision kill. It saw a slight duration increase from 10 seconds to 12 seconds, and activating any Hunter Dodge will immediately grant yourself and your allies max stacks. You effectively have 100 handling and reload speed while this passive is active. This is also the only Solar Hunter Aspect that grants three Fragment slots.
Knock 'Em Down increases the duration of both Golden Gun variants by 33%, and the three-shot variant gains an additional 25% damage resistance in PvE only; it has no DR bonus in the Crucible. Blade Barrage releases 10 more knives in total, making it a significantly stronger Super. Additionally, this Aspect also lets you make an infinite melee loop if you're radiant—one of Solar 3.0's keywords. Consider using Acrobat's Dodge with this Aspect to proc radiant whenever you need to spam Throwing Knife.
Gunpowder Gamble is an entirely new effect for Gunslingers. While equipped, every Solar-related kill will grant one stack of Gunpowder Gamble. At six stacks, your next grenade will be a stick of dynamite. Throwing the dynamite will immediately draw your equipped weapon, letting you shoot the grenade mid-air. The grenade detonates after a few seconds if it isn't prematurely detonated, and it can stick to surfaces and targets. The damage is equivalent to a rocket launcher shot in PvE with a large blast radius, and it's comparable to a Tripmine Grenade in PvP. Gunpowder Gamble has a 15-second cooldown before you start accumulating stacks again.
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Roaring Flames has been left mostly unchanged from its previous version. Kills with Solar abilities will grant a 20% damage buff for 10 seconds. This effect can stack up to three times, each stack refreshing the buff's duration. This bonus damage applies to all Solar abilities, including your Throwing Hammer and Consecration Aspect.
Sol Invictus will cause most Solar final blows to spawn Sunspots, flaming tornados that inflict Scorch to targets inside. Standing in a Sunspot will regenerate your health, shields, prevent that regen from being interrupted, and your abilities will recharge 50% faster. Walking out of the Sunspot will cause this buff to persist for five seconds, ten if the Phoenix Cradle Exotic is equipped.
Consecration works similarly to Howl of the Storm on Stasis, granting a new melee attack while you're sliding. Pressing the melee input mid-slide will cause your Titan to uppercut the enemy with two hammers, dealing moderate damage while inflicting Scorch. If you press the melee key again while in mid-air, you'll slam the ground, causing Scorched targets to explode while releasing a wave of energy from your hammers. This ability deals immense damage and synergizes nicely with Roaring Flames. Using this melee attack consumes your melee charge.
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Icarus Dash has been left untouched with Solar 3.0. Pressing a dedicated key will cause your Warlock to dash in the direction you're moving, granting you a small burst of momentum. You can use this dash mid-air. Icarus Dash has a four-second cooldown between uses. If you have Heat Rises active, you can use Icarus Dash twice before it enters cooldown. Icarus Dash works best when you're already carrying a lot of momentum, so consider using Burst Glide with this Aspect to quickly build up speed.
Heat Rises allows you to fight while gliding at all times. Additionally, you can consume your grenade to activate Heat Rises, a buff that grants +70 to a gun's in-air effectiveness stat. Defeating targets mid-air will extend the duration of Heat Rises and grant 15-20% melee energy. Pair this Aspect with the Sunbracers Exotic to throw a never-ending chain of melee abilities and Solar Grenades.
Touch of Flame buffs a few of your Warlock grenades. Healing grenades provide much more effective healing. Solar grenades spew out smaller solar grenades that deal solid damage. Firebolt grenades become far more consistent, and Fusion Grenades detonate twice. The cooldowns for each grenade are left unchanged.
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Ember of Empyrean and Ember of Char are currently unavailable from Ikora. These Fragments will likely be released in a future patch.
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