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With some strong bosses and great loot, here’s everything you need to know about the Deeproot Depths region in Elden Ring.Deeproot Depths is one of five secret underground portions of the map in Elden Ring. …

With some strong bosses and great loot, here’s everything you need to know about the Deeproot Depths region in Elden Ring.
Deeproot Depths is one of five secret underground portions of the map in Elden Ring. These depths can be hard to access to if you don't know who to talk to or what hidden wall to punch, but once in you'll find new armor, incantations, bosses, and more. We've put together a basic guide on how to traverse the Deeproot Depths and get to the end, no dilly-dallying attached. All important boss fights and loot will be listed at the bottom.
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This location is strongly tied to Fia's personal sidequest, and although you can access it without the speaking to her at Roundtable Hold to begin the quest line, it's recommended. It's an area full of large ant enemies, undead knights, and fire-breathing sentinels, although all are relatively easy to either avoid or take down. There are up to four bosses in Deeproot Depths, but the real challenge isn't the enemies — it's figuring out where to go among all the overgrown and abnormally large roots.
There are two ways to access Deeproot Depths. The main way is by finding the Siofra Aqueducts, accessible through the Ancestral Woods in Siofra River. Getting to the Ancestral Woods means finding Nokron City, a task you are given by Ranni in her sidequest. The second way is through a hidden wall after defeating a boss in the subterranean underground of Leyndell, Royal Capital.
From the Ancestral Woods, head towards the large group of Ancestral Followers that are singing and dancing around a deer carcass. Behind them, you can drop down a ledge and enter a cave. This will lead you to the Aqueduct-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace. At the very end of the Siofra Aqueducts will be a boss battle with two Valiant Gargoyles. After defeating them, you can walk all the way to the end of the waterfall basin, collect the Site of Grace, and interact with the lonely coffin at the very end. This will teleport you to the Deeproot Depths.
After defeating Mohg, the Omen, an optional boss in the Subterranean-Shunning Grounds section of Leyndell Royal Capital, you can parkour your way into a hidden area. From the boss room Site of Grace, Cathedral of the Forsaken, head northeast through the dungeon. You'll come across a deep chasm with three diagonal planks down the way. You can carefully drop down each plank, then you'll have to drop onto stone slabs sticking out of the walls.
On the last slab, you'll be able to walk into a window. Head around to the left and then jump down. Heading left lowers the level at which you jump, so you won't die. Go directly south, where you'll find a treasure chest. The wall behind the chest can be revealed as fake, leading you to the Deeproot Depths instead.
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Starting from the Great Waterfall Crest Site of Grace, head to the right of where the Ulcerated Tree Spirit spawns. You'll have to walk across the tree roots, drop down, and continue across to reach the next area. Here there will be a couple of large ants to face. Directly behind them to the west is the next Site of Grace, Deeproot Depths, where you'll also find a Finger Reader.
In this general area between the Great Waterfall Crest and Deeproot Depths Site of Grace, you can find an Ashes of War and an Incantation. The Ash of War is retrieved by killing a Teardrop Scarab to the left of where the Erdtree Avatar spawns. This Incantation, however, is trickier to acquire, as you must enter a secret ant cave. This cave is at first noticeable due to a large opening on the east wall, where you can see an item glowing. The cave cannot be accessed this way, as that's the end of the cave. That item you see is the Elden Stars incantation.
Directly north you can continue deeper into the Deeproot Depths, and find the next Site of Grace. You must walk through a bunch of roots under a tree.
Go back to the beginning of the roots, before you crossed them to reach the ants. Instead of continuing forward, you can jump onto another set of roots to your right. By parkouring to your right with Torrent, you will notice roots connecting into a missable cave in the wall. There are no Sites of Grace in this cave, so you'll want to be prepared, as you're entering a den filled to the brim with large ants. You can either defeat them or run to the very end for the sake of getting the Incantation.
For each ant you kill in this cave, they drop a Numen's Rune. The Numen's Rune is one of the higher Golden Runes you can find, where consuming or selling them gives you 12,500 runes each.
The map fragment can be found on the way to the next Site of Grace, The Nameless Eternal City. After the Deeproot Depths Site of Grace, go right around the water and through the trees to get to the next area. Keep heading west and follow the photo above. Accessing the map allows you to have more control over where you're going and what your goals are for the current area.
From The Nameless City Site of Grace, all you have to do is walk up the roots in the correct fashion to reach the boss gate. Follow the series of images above for a more accurate understanding. Facing east, jump on top of the broken houses to your right. Access the roots here.
You'll notice a fire-breathing gargoyle sitting at the end of the root. If you're not directly in front of these enemies, you will not be harmed. You can easily farm them from behind this way, as they are sentinels and do not move.
Head up the roots. You'll want to turn right and keep going up. Gargoyles will attempt to throw fire at you, but these attacks are easy to avoid as they are released slowly. You can either sprint past before the fire lands in front of you, or you can stand out of range until the gargoyle is done and then run past.
After the second gargoyle, continue going forward, up the roots. You'll meet the third gargoyle. Take a sharp left past him, where you'll have to jump onto roots going higher. Here is where the fourth gargoyle will be, which may cause you trouble as you try to make the jump. Remember, once you're in their peripheral vision, they can't harm you.
Behind gargoyle three and four is where you'll have to drop down to the next Site of Grace, Across The Roots. The boss room will be right next to it.
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