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There is the perfect farm for every farmer. Which are the best Farming Simulator 19 maps?Most people clock in around 80 hours on Farming Simulator 19, so it's really important to select or use a …

There is the perfect farm for every farmer. Which are the best Farming Simulator 19 maps?
Most people clock in around 80 hours on Farming Simulator 19, so it's really important to select or use a map that's perfect for you. Picking the perfect map isn't as easy as it sounds, after all, some are only available on certain platforms and it really just depends on your playstyle.
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Your playstyle may vary, but with these suggestions, it's pretty hard to not want to try at least one out. Whether it's their beauty, their resources, or just their location, these maps are fan favorites and will be perfect for beginners or experts alike.
Updated November 7, 2021, By Jessica Filby:As one of the best farming simulator games on the market at the moment, FS19 is a fan favorite. This isn't just because the simulator itself is amazing, but its maps and its fantastically talented community are outstanding. There are constantly new maps being created and discovered, meaning you'll never be without a new experience or some new crops to plant. Here are some of the best ones if you're looking for a bit of inspiration.
If you're looking for a simple yet beautiful map with enough to do then look no further than Michamp. It has 28 fields to explore as well as eight beautiful meadows if you're looking for something a little different to do.
There are also some lovely forest areas around a few of the farms. These are all complemented by the colorful and vast landscape that can be made even more colorful with the ability to create bushes and shrubs. There are also new seeds to try out if that's what you prefer to do.
Michamp is available on PC, Mac, Playstation, and Xbox
Although this map is fairly new, it's already a fan favorite. This is mainly because of the focus on realism in the form of good graphics and a stunningly detailed landscape. That and the huge map.
Eastern has over 300 fields with 11 playable farms, with several beautiful forests scattered around, just in case you find you have nothing to do. There are also nine new crops to try out on these multiple farms. If you're looking for a big but realistic map then try out Eastern. It's also four times larger than the beginner maps on Farming Simulator 19.
Eastern is available on PC and Mac
If you thought Eastern or Michamp were detailed then Untergriesbach will take your breath away. It's a large map that is famous for its beautiful sunsets and detailed landscapes.
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It also has some easy roads for quick and painless transport as well as a lot of large forests if that's the way you want to play the game. Ultimately, if you prefer going through forests and working in beautiful locations, this FS19 is one of the best.
Untergriesbach is available on PC, Mac, Playstation, and Xbox
With a total of 100 fields in a variety of shapes and sizes, you'll be farming for days on the Greenlands map. It comes with a biogas plant, a grain mill, a sawmill, and some storage yards with sheds. If you didn't think there was enough to manage, then prepare for even more.
There is a beautiful river that flows through several forestry areas which always makes for good exploration. All this is actually on a relatively small map, so you don't need to go too far to experience all these beautiful areas. There are also contracts on all the fields so you don't have to buy every field just to make money.
Greenlands is available on PC, Mac, Playstation, and Xbox
As most of the best maps are in FS19, this map is absolutely stunning. It's wonderful if you like driving around in a tractor exploring the beauty of your surroundings.
However, even if that isn't your kind of thing, you'll still want to check out the Michigan Map v3.0. This is mainly because of the amount of awesome stuff the creators have added to this map. There's a military base, a 7-Eleven and so much more for you to check out. This map is wonderful for any avid explorer or farmer.
Michigan Map v3.0 is available on PC and Mac
Minibrunn is perfect for beginners or those who do not want a huge challenge but still wish for the beauty that comes with a lot of Farming Simulator 19 maps. It specializes in small agricultural machinery and allows you to start with the Big Bud which is pretty fun to use.
It doesn't come with as much as the Sussex farm but it's extremely forgiving and can be absolutely beautiful when you're in the harvesting season.
Minibrunn is available on PC/Mac, Xbox, and Playstation
While Minibrunn is beginner-friendly, No Man's Land is for the more experienced players. If you like a challenge, you'll be obsessed with the No Man's Land map.
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No Man's Land is very different from maps as you know them as you don't start on a farm. It's really what you'd imagine it to be; all around you, there will be flat abandoned land for you to grow on. It's essentially described as a survival map, and while that might be difficult, it allows you to really build up from nothing. It's a really rewarding map.
No Man's Land is available on PC/Mac, Xbox, and Playstation
Designed around Walchen in Austria, this map is just beautiful. It has a variety of fields all embedded in a scenic mountain landscape filled with lakes and honestly just a breathtaking background.
You get to work on steep meadows and medium to small fields with over 170 lands that you can buy, just in case you run out of space in this pretty large map. It's ideal for single-player or multiplayer and has ten farms for you to explore.
Walchen 2K20 is available on PC/Mac
If you prefer to do more than just farming in this game then Pleasant Valley is ideal for you. This map is a fan favorite due to there being so much to do and explore. Most players who've enjoyed this map just can't get off it.
The Pleasant valley is ideal for single-player and multiplayer but can only be experienced on PC unfortunately. Nevertheless, this map includes things like mining, riverboats, and is predominantly a fruit-based farming experience.
Pleasant Valley is available on PC/Mac
Ricciville is a pretty unique map that predominantly focuses on trains and the many fruits and crops available to plant. However, it's also set in a beautiful landscape and is a pretty huge map if you prefer having loads to do all year round.
Nevertheless, it boasts two trains, a barge around 59 fields three forests, and 16 custom sell points. It also has a whopping 133 farmlands to purchase all complimenting the additions of foods like Millet, Rice, Hemp, Coffee, Cranberry, Hops, and so much more If that wasn't enough, there are also millions of liters of mining materials to grab. With this map, you'll never have a dull moment.
Ricciville is available on PC/Mac
True to the names of the locations in Ravensberg, this map is designed around a middle German landscape that just screams model railway in its atmosphere.
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It contains two farms, four towns, 44 fields, 18 forests, and seven meadows for you to explore. All that may keep you busy but don't be surprised if it takes a little longer than you thought after you've stopped multiple times to look at the beautiful villages, railways, and scenery in general, especially with the new customer textures around you.
Ravensberg is available on PC/Mac, Xbox, and Playstation
Most players absolutely love Lone Oak Farm, and for those who live in the USA, primarily in Oregon, you might find yourself feeling right at home. This is because the map is designed as a real-life replica farm in Oregon, USA.
It looks beautiful and has new textures, missions, and a multitude of places to visit. It comes with 55 fields for you to explore as well as three sell points and a sawmill so you don't need to worry about running out of things to do. This map is worth a try.
Lone Oak Farm is available on PC/Mac, Xbox, and Playstation
With 60 different fields, it's pretty easy to see how you can get engrossed in Mercury Farms. While not as unique as the other farms, this map serves its purpose for any fan of Farming Simulator due to the close proximity of the fields and the customization.
With a simple chainsaw, you can merge and reshape your fields however you want and whenever you want. It also comes with silos, animal and vehicle shelters so it's really a perfect all-rounder.
Mercury Farms is available on PC/Mac, Xbox, and Playstation
Set in Sussex UK, this map is ideal for those who want multiple farms, a variety of fields, and so much more to explore. Most fans label this farm as addictive, unique, and incredible, and rightly so.
Created by experienced modder ALiEN JiM, this map is just a world away from any you've played before and just blows it out of the park with attention to detail and an incredible amount of new experiences.
Sussex Farms comes with three Farms, 36 Fields, seven Placeable Areas, five Grass Areas, Field Missions, Forestry, BGA, Gold Nuggets, and still, has time for the Seasons and Sugarcane. It's just perfect for anyone looking for a new experience.
Sussex Farms is available on PC/Mac, Xbox, and Playstation
Based in Hampshire in the UK, the Marwell Manor Farm just has so much to it that it's hard to put it all in one place. It's a beautiful map filled with breathtaking views, multiple fields, and animated objects.
Ultimately, this is the type of map you'll need to try, as words can't do it justice. However, it has 25 farmlands and 23 fields which are to scale and positioned from real life, as well as two farms to choose from. It is the closest to a full farming experience you can get and perfectly encaptures what this game has to offer.
Marwell Manor is available on PC/Mac, Xbox, and Playstation
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