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From Karen of Eorzea skits to Let’s Go memes, Chili has become a firm favourite in the FFXIV community.One of the best things about Final Fantasy 14 is the amazing community it created. The fandom’s …

From Karen of Eorzea skits to Let’s Go memes, Chili has become a firm favourite in the FFXIV community.
One of the best things about Final Fantasy 14 is the amazing community it created. The fandom’s love isn’t contained within the game and often spills out onto just about every social media platform there is. I love seeing my Twitter timeline filled with memes, jokes, and success stories of the latest FF14 content and it gives you a feeling of being part of something larger.
A familiar face that often appears in my Twitter feed is ChiliFarmer, best known for his FF14 parody skits. Chili has been an avid player of the game for the past few years and is an experienced content creator with a background in theatre. Naturally, a combination of his two passions would prove to be a match blessed by the Twelve.
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“I started making my skits about a year ago,” Chili tells me. “The first skit I made was called ‘Sprout's First Dungeon’ and it was a satire about how new players explore content that most of us rush through to get our weekly rewards. And the next video I made right after that was my first Karen of Eorzea video. I honestly don't know why I never thought of making skits or parodies before, maybe because I didn't have the green screen to make the quality of videos I wanted to make. But one day my sister was sitting on the couch with me and she just showed me a TikTok of someone in a parody they made. She then said ‘I think you'd be good at this.’ Immediately five ideas popped into my head.”
Chili is no stranger to stepping into the role of different characters and explains that he’s had a love of acting from a young age. “In college, I acted a lot in our mainstage shows, playing mostly comedic roles, and I was on our school improv team. We got to travel and learn from professional troupes out of Atlanta, Washington DC, and other cities. So I've always been creating characters spontaneously. Even as a kid I played with my parent's video camera and acted out movies as my favorite video game characters and TV show characters. My sister was definitely right because it was something that I loved doing since I was little, and I almost let myself fall out of love with acting and comedy. I am very glad these videos made me fall back in love with the art.”
If something is going down in FF14, you can bet Chili is making content about it. Whether it’s low-poly grape discourse or the recent housing lottery glitch, part of what makes his content funny is that he’s so in touch with the current trends and tribulations of the community. Chili also manages to deliver skits even when new content is scarce by tapping into anecdotes and experiences that players can relate to.
“I think being a wallflower helps me a lot,” he says. “I often find the quiet moments to hold some of the funniest -isms. I try to find things that are ‘normal’ and regular parts of culture that are relatable. Those are the things that tend to make people laugh the most because it's something you can connect with. And that can be as simple as a Bard playing a sad song as everyone walks away. ‘Poor Bard, playing their sad song, no one cares, everyone is too busy playing games'. There's an infinite amount of in-game culture and small habits that are unintentionally funny.”
Though it started with Chili creating funny videos based on FF14, his comedy has come full circle and made its way back into the game when he created an in-game Karen character based on his skits. He keeps his main — Riku Mistwarden on Aether Jenova — for the important gameplay, of course, but you can often find Karen socialising and attending community events and venues.
“The funny thing is that a lot of my skit videos on YouTube specifically, and especially Karen videos, didn't see much response until one day I posted my Let’s Go memes on YouTube out of procrastination just to make myself laugh, and they blew up,” Chili tells me. “Not only did those videos blow up, but all of my parody meme videos already on my channel did. It's wild how things work out like that. Memes are truly a power of their own. The Let’s Go memes weren't an original idea, but something I took from TikTok and put a Final Fantasy 14 spin on it. The memes were making me cry from laughter so I couldn't help myself.
“In the end, I grabbed anything in my brain, put it on paper, and made it happen without any second thought or worry of it failing. Folks have continued to enjoy the characters I have added to the mix and new skits, especially my Hydaelyn reads Warriors of Light names videos. And I think it's all about just sitting down and taking care of a script first, no matter the character. I really focus on the words on paper, because that's where the real funny comes from, not just the voices or body language. So no matter what new character I introduce, folks always have something to connect with.”
It’s undeniable that Chili has resonated with other players and, as a result, he’s become a popular figure in the community. It’s difficult to find someone who isn’t familiar with his work and you’ll often see players paying homage to his comedy in-game.
“I've heard some folks even changing their character description to say things like ‘Proud Citizen of Eorzea’ as a joke about the Karen satire. I heard a story about folks referring to my Let's Go memes in raids before pulling saying ‘Let's do it like those Let's Go memes’. And people often recognize me in-game from my shorts. And I encourage folks to say hi. I love interacting with others in the game, taking pictures, or just saying ‘hey let's run some raids!’
“People really go back through my videos regularly and watch them on repeat for laughs, and that's the best response I could ask for. It's easy to get into imposter syndrome mode, but I really try to shake that off and truly appreciate what I do for others. It's very easy to take that for granted. You never know the impact you have on others, and what you mean to them. You just can't ignore that.”
Chili has lots of exciting content planned for the future, such as a regular parody of the Live Letter from the Producer, and a new show called Eorzea Night Live that will be in a similar vein to SNL, which he hopes to launch in the summer to coincide with the introduction of Data Center Travel. Later today, he is launching Karen’s Courthouse, a new in-game show and roleplay courthouse where players can plead their case to Karen.
“The goal is for it to be very fun and off the wall RP,” Chili tells me. “It's more like an improv comedy show like Whose Line is it Anyway. I am trying to bring more RP events to the game that don't rely too much on having a super in-depth and meticulously crafted back story, but to create new characters on the spot out of just interacting and discovering together, practising the classic rule of ‘Yes, and!’ together.
“I want others to come in not feeling like they have to be incredibly prepared, and to just have fun, make-believe with us, and make others laugh. That is the main goal. I have some other projects in the wings that are ‘Improv RP Shows’, almost like what you see with GTA RP. It's always exciting and high-energy, but a lot of it is stuff you just have to go with on the spot without worrying too much about having a confining backstory. I want to create RP that feels like cinema or theatre.”
You can find out more about Karen’s Courthouse here, and to keep up to date with Chili and his special brand of FF14-themed comedy, you can follow him on Twitter and YouTube, or check out his streams on Twitch.
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