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Isobel is ESO’s handy templar companion who can be recruited to aid you in most of the game’s challenges.Companions are still a new concept in The Elder Scrolls Online, as Zenimax only added them into …

Isobel is ESO’s handy templar companion who can be recruited to aid you in most of the game’s challenges.
Companions are still a new concept in The Elder Scrolls Online, as Zenimax only added them into the game with the Blackwood chapter. However, despite their youth as a mechanic, companions quickly become one of the most notable parts of each new chapter, with High Isle adding two new followers for you to unlock and summon by your side in Tamriel.
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Isobel is a Templar, which opens up a lot of unique possibilities for companion healing builds. Each of the companions in The Elder Scrolls Online offers something unique in terms of personality, and Isobel is as nice as they come. Keep reading if you want to find out exactly how to unlock Isobel and summon her during your adventures.
First, travel to the Castle Navire Wayshrine, on the southwestern side of High Isle, as you can see in the picture above. Once here, you'll find a man with a quest marker named Lord Remard, the quest-giver you need to talk to if you want to recruit Isobel as a companion.
Lord Remard will explain to you about an upcoming tournament and will grant you the "Tournament Of The Heart" quest. This is the mission you need to complete to recruit Isobel.
Follow your quest marker and travel west, where Isobel is waiting. Upon speaking to her, she'll reveal that she wants to help her friend Aurelia get out of a marriage by winning a tournament and setting her free. However, she wants your help to win, so agree to help, and then the real work will begin.
There are three trials in total, and along with Isobel, you need to complete them all.
Travel to the Castle Library by following the nearby quest marker. Isobel will be waiting there for you, so talk to her after reading the books in the library. After agreeing that you need to travel to the Dufort Ruin, which is on the southern side of the island. You can travel to any nearby wayshrine to get there faster.
Upon traveling to your destination, you'll encounter a man named Langley who will block your path. Luckily, Isobel knows another way around the Dufort Ruin. Follow the quest marker up to the ruin and defeat any Faun enemies you encounter. Once you enter the area, you'll find the Hilt Of Redheart on a nearby stone. Speak to Isobel, and you can move on to the next trial.
Fast travel to the Castle Navire Wayshrine and speak to Isobel. After your conversation, you'll need to find a key to the Castle Catacombs. A new quest marker will spawn, and you need to follow it into a nearby building, where Aurelia Jourvel is waiting for you. She'll send you to another character by the name of Dame Hendra, who will give you the key for a small bribe of Gold.
Now that you have the key, travel into the catacombs and walk through the hallways, following the quest marker. There are a few spiders within the crypts, but nothing too powerful yet. You'll eventually encounter a voice behind a door by the name of Aspirant Mortens, who requests you find his sword in exchange for another key.
Travel deeper into the catacombs until you come across a giant spider. Upon slaying this enemy, you can loot the sword nearby on the ground; it will have a quest marker floating over it. Take the sword back to Aspirant Mortens. Enter the door with the quest marker, and you can continue on your quest to find the lute.
There are some undead enemies in the next few hallways, but no boss fights until you come across a large chamber with Mad Baron Densil, a purple ghost. Defeat this enemy and then pick up the Glided Lute off the ground. A friendly ghost will appear upon collecting the lute, but he'll simply speak to you, not attack. You can now leave the catacombs by following your quest marker to the exit.
After speaking with Isobel about the final item you need to collect, fast travel to the Coral Road Wayshrine on the southern side of the island. Talk to Isobel near the wayshrine, and then a quest marker will be placed upon your map leading you to the Wizard's Grotto.
At the Wizard's Grotto, you'll encounter three pillars that act as a type of puzzle. You need to gather three ingredients from the nearby environment. These include a Spriggan's Veil, a Cat's Paw Flower, and a Heron's Feather. You can find all of these items by either collecting them off the ground or defeating an enemy. Quest markers point towards all three after you speak with Isobel at the Wizard's Grotto.
Travel back to the Wizard's Grotto and place the Cat's Paw Flower, then the Heron's Feather, and then the Spriggan's Veil onto the pedestals. This will destroy the barrier, and you can now walk through it. Enter the cottage and speak to Erlibru, who will allow you to have the staff upon asking for it. The Staff Of The Wild Woods is outside, leaning against the wall of the cottage.
Travel back to the tournament grounds, which are easily accessible from the Castle Navire Wayshrine. Enter into conversation with Isobel once again, who will explain the ceremony for the tournament. You'll have to present each of the three items during her speech, which will include a short poem.
Isobel will walk onto the stage and begin to speak. As she talks to the audience, you will need to place each item directly onto the pedestals. This task is easy and doesn't involve combat, so you simply have to listen to Isobel speak. She'll request that her friend Aurelia be free from her requirement of marriage, which will be granted.
Upon Isobel finishing her speech, the Knight Commander will request your presence in her office, along with Isobel. Travel into the building you entered earlier, which will have a quest marker pointing towards it. Speak to the Knight Commander, and she'll express her gratitude towards you. After speaking to the Knight Commander, talk to Isobel, and after thanking you, she'll offer to join you on your adventures.
After talking to Isobel for the final time, she'll unlock as a companion, and she'll follow you anywhere in Tamriel, with the exception of a few instances. You also unlock the ability to customize Isobel with costumes and skills. Isobel will level up as you gain experience points, which will make her an even stronger companion. Since Isobel is a Templar, she'll unlock Templar skills from this point onward.
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You can summon Isobel as you would any other companion in The Elder Scrolls Online. Navigate through your collections menu and into the allies section. Isobel is inside this tab. However, you'll need to complete the "Tournament Of The Heart" mission on any character you wish to summon Isobel on, as she will remain locked until you complete the quest.
You can summon Isobel in most locations, including group instances if they aren't already at maximum capacity.
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