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In response to The Pulse Of Radio, Lars Ulrich was requested to single out his favourite METALLICA album cowl in a latest interview with Maxim. The artwork created for 1996’s “Load” and its companion album, …

In response to The Pulse Of Radio, Lars Ulrich was requested to single out his favourite METALLICA album cowl in a latest interview with Maxim. The artwork created for 1996’s “Load” and its companion album, 1997’s “Reload”, was a supply of controversy amongst METALLICA followers. Serrano’s personal semen between two plates of Plexiglas, whereas the cowl of “Reload” was adorned with an identical Serrano picture titled “Piss And Blood XXVI”. Frontman James Hetfield later expressed his distaste for the cowl of “Load” in a 2009 interview with Classic Rock, saying: “I really like artwork, however not for the sake of shocking others. Ulrich turned one thing of an artwork collector within the early 2000s. Told The Pulse Of Radio some time again that his fascination for high quality artwork went again to his childhood. “You realize, I grew up in a family filled with music and artwork and someplace up via, I do not know, late ’80s, early ’90s, I simply began rediscovering a variety of these roots,” he mentioned. “And what occurred was it type of turned a sanctuary for me away from METALLICA.

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