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Smithing can be an important tool to players in Old School Runescape. Here are some Pro Tips to help you level it up.There is a reason that Old School RuneScape endures while other MMORPGs have fallen …

Smithing can be an important tool to players in Old School Runescape. Here are some Pro Tips to help you level it up.
There is a reason that Old School RuneScape endures while other MMORPGs have fallen to the wayside. The game just had its 20th anniversary and continues to wow players with its compelling mechanics and its nostalgia factor. Even its sequel, RuneScape 3, has a large number of fans enjoying the game.
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As the game continues to break its concurrent player records, many players old and new alike are coming back to try this old game. The game can be a grind at times so knowing how to level up skills is vital in having the best experience with the game. Players that have a strong smithing skill, specifically, will find that it is even more useful than they might expect.
The best way to level up any skill in RuneScape is by knowing the best quests to take on. All players can take on the quest The Knight’s Sword which will offer 12,725 experience in Smithing once it is completed. This quest takes players from level one all the way to level twenty-nine. There is basically no reason to not do this quest before players seriously take on leveling the Smithing scale.
Players will have to spend real-life money to get the other useful quests for leveling Smithing in the game. There are rarely faster ways to level out through grinding than by doing quests, so players that are members should make sure to take on the following quests to boost their levels a bit further before they start the long grind.
Completing all of these quests will net the player a total of 36,757 Smithing experience. If players thought The Knight’s Sword offered a lot of experience, it’s easy to see how over double of that is even more impressive. It’s an amazing way for players to get themselves to extremely high levels before they begin a long grind.
Leveling two skills at once is far more efficient than only focusing on one scale. There is a fantastic way to level up Magic and Mining while also helping to increase Smithing. Plus it offers players a chance to make some gold as well. Welcome to superheating!
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While mining, players can cast Superheat on the ore they receive. When players drop the bars, they will receive experience in Smithing for a low cost. Players can also purchase ore from the grand exchange, but this is far more expensive and usually slower.
The fletching scale is exclusive to members only but can be a fantastic way to level up. It is easy for players to use iron, steel, mithril, and adamantite bars to create various bolts as they become available when players level up. Still, the real way to use this to make some serious gold is by making Dart Tips. As they are used for power leveling fletching, they tend to sell for high prices at the Grand Exchange, making this a great way to level up Smithing.
For free-to-play players, grinding to get Smithing up to higher levels is a little more involved. While there are more efficient ways for members to level up, players will want to make Platebodies with the smelted ore they can find. At certain levels, the experience gains from making various plate bodies stop being efficient versus how much it costs to make them.
it’s possible for players to simply use ore bought at the grand exchange for this if they want to level up faster. The only difficulty here is that it will result in a net loss in trying to sell the Platebodies elsewhere.
Members have access to the Dwarf Cannon quest, which allows them to make Cannonballs. Players can make four cannonballs per bar of steel, which offers 25.6 Smithing experience. Players can use this method to level up all the way to level ninety-nine if they wish to.
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One of the best reasons to choose this method, even though it is slower, is because it is quite profitable. With the cost of steel bars, players can use this method to make 116,100 gold per hour.
Players can smelt gold at the members-only minigame blast furnace. To do this, players will need to complete the quest Family Crest and receive the goldsmith gauntlets. If done efficiently, players will be able to gain an astronomical 380,000 experience per hour using this method.
It’s worth noting that the number of gold ore that is required to use this method (over 200,000) comes at an incredibly high cost. Even once the gold is smelted, players will not be able to sell it back at a profit. It can result in a net loss of several millions of gold even.
There are ten furnaces available to use in the game, and it’s important for players to know where they are located. Players will need to use them to smelt ore into metal bars unless they want to use the Superheating method. And while there are multiple furnaces, not all of them are available for free-to-play players to use.
The furnaces at Edgeville and Neitiznot are the closest furnaces to a bank, though the furnace at Al Kharid also works well. Members will also want to complete The Giant Dwarf quest as well so they can access the Blast Furnace minigame in Keldagrim.
Anvils are imperative to level up Smithing as they are literally required to smith anything in the game. Players just need to make sure that they have a hammer with them or else the anvils will be totally useless. There are twelve anvils in total, but some anvils are far more convenient to use for various reasons.
The anvil in Varrock is incredibly close to not only the Grand Exchange but also located directly opposite of a bank. The Rellekka anvil is closest to a furnace which can be quite convenient as well. Multiple players can use anvils at the same time, so there’s no reason not to use the best ones for every occasion.
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