OpenOSRS Master Repository List of All Custom Plugins

ben93riggsGithubOwner: ben93riggs Name: pluginsSupport⚡│ben93riggs-pluginsFree✨Ardy Iron Powerminer ✨Auto Thiever ✨Cannon Reloader ✨Food Eater ✨Item Combiner ✨Item User ✨Jad Auto Prayer ✨Lava Crafter ✨Nightmare Auto Prayer ✨NMZ Helper ✨PK Tools ✨Prayer Pot Drinker ✨Special Attack User BonfireGithubOwner: …

  1. ben93riggsGithubOwner: ben93riggs Name: pluginsSupport⚡│ben93riggs-pluginsFree✨Ardy Iron Powerminer ✨Auto Thiever ✨Cannon Reloader ✨Food Eater ✨Item Combiner ✨Item User ✨Jad Auto Prayer ✨Lava Crafter ✨Nightmare Auto Prayer ✨NMZ Helper ✨PK Tools ✨Prayer Pot Drinker ✨Special Attack User
  2. BonfireGithubOwner: Bonfire Name: bon-pluginsFree✨BonAnimator ✨BonBurier ✨BonCleaner
  3. Chin/OwainGithubOwner: Owain94 Name: OpenOSRS-external-plugins-hostingSupport✨bankpin ✨daeyalt ✨login ✨managerPremium💎agility-pyramid 💎amethyst 💎arceuus-library 💎birdhouse 💎curse-alch 💎farm-run 💎giant-seaweed 💎mahogany-homes 💎mta 💎nmz 💎ourania 💎telly-hop-log
  4. ElliottGithubOwner: Elli-tt Name: El-PluginsSupport✨Airs ✨Barbarian ✨Cooker ✨Discord ✨Firemaker ✨Glass Blower ✨Hunter ✨Karambwans ✨Mess Hall ✨Sandstone ✨Superglass ✨Test ✨TutorialPaid💛Astrals 💛Bank Stander -Enchanter -Humidify -Jewellery -Plank Make -Smelter -Smither -Superheater 💛Blast Furnace -Gold only 💛Bloods 💛Castle Wars 💛Chop Fletch 💛Cosmics 💛Gem Mine 💛Lavas 💛Minnows 💛Mlm 💛Planks 💛Shopper 💛Teaks 💛Tick Cooker 💛Trawler 💛ZmiPremium💎Abyss 💎Blast Furnace 💎Herbiboar 💎Mahogany Homes 💎Tempoross 💎WrathDependencies☠️ElUtils ☠️ElBreakManager
  5. harasatwonGithubOwner: hass-twon Name: has-external-pluginsSupport⚡│hass-pluginsFree✨Rogues Den ✨Auto Tele ✨Chaos Altar ✨Crabs ✨Smither
  6. mikeGithubOwner: mikeester Name: pluginsSupport✨Hunter ✨Smither ✨Tab Maker ✨Hide TannerPremium💎Bank Skiller 💎Trawler 💎Minnows 💎Barbarian Fisher 💎Charter Crafter 💎Arceuus Library 💎3T Teaks 💎3T Chins 💎3T Miner 💎Karambwan Fishing 💎ChinBurst 💎Wilderness/POH Prayer 💎Aerial Fisher 💎Thiever 💎Construction 💎Nightmare Zone 💎Shopper 💎Runecrafter -Abyss -Blood -Soul -Astral -Lava / Steam / Smoke -Earth / Mind Tiara
  7. NoMoreGithubOwner: TomMartow Name: NoMorePluginsSupport✨Ground Items Extended ✨Interface Marking ✨Inventory State Indicators ✨Inventory Tags Extended ✨Mouse Logger ✨NPC Highlighting Extended ✨Agility ✨Wintertodt ✨Object Markers Extended ✨Player States Indicators ✨QOL Clicks ✨QOL Clicks Beta ✨Stat Randomiser ✨Up Or Down
  8. OiuyoGithubOwner: Oiuyo Name: Oli-pluginsFree✨Oli Vorkath ✨Oli Dropper
  9. OofieDoofieGithubOwner: oofie-plugins Name: pluginsSupport✨Kitten Grower ✨Smelter ✨Superheat ✨Chop n' Fletch ✨Khazard Iron MinerPremium💎Wrath Crafter
  10. PaistiGithubOwner: Marsunpaisti Name: plugins-releaseSupport✨AIO Fighter ✨Gear Setup ✨Web WalkerPremium💎AIO Fighter
  11. PajeetGithubOwner: Sundar-Gandu Name: Pajeet-PluginsFree✨Disable Fake Claw ✨Extended Chat ✨One Click Agility ✨One Click Thieving ✨One Click 2tick ✨One Click 3t Fish ✨One Click Dropper ✨Sound Filter ✨Trade Window
  12. SandyGithubOwner: bucketofsandy Name: sandy-pluginsSupport✨Agility Pyramid ✨Plank Maker ✨Cannonballer ✨Teak ChopperPaid💛Tablet Maker 💛Orb Charger 💛Construction 💛Sorceress Garden 💛Zeah RC 💛Hunllef Swapper 💛Bank Skiller - Herblore - Crafting - Fletching - Cooking - 1Tick Karambwans - Smithing - Cannonballs - Jewellery Smelting - Enchanting - Humidify - Plank Make - String Jewellery
  13. SatoshiGithubOwner: rokaHakor Name: Satoshi-Plugins Owner: rokaHakor Name: openosrs-pluginsFree✨Drop All ✨Inventory Setup Withdrawer ✨Tear Collector ✨Paisti's WebWalker ✨AIO Fighter
  14. SoxGithubOwner: Soxs Name: PluginsReleaseSupport✨ThePlug Auto Log/Hop ✨ThePlug Auto Run Enabler ✨ThePlug Auto ClickerPaid💎ThePlug Wintertodt 💎ThePlug Tempoross 💎ThePlug Swapper 💎ThePlug Zeah Crafter 💎ThePlug Notifier 💎ThePlug CoX Scouter 💎ThePlug Bank Helper
  15. ZoyGithubOwner: IamZoY Name: ZoY-pluginsSupport✨ UG Curse Alch ✨ UG Swapper ✨ UG Keg Balance ✨ UG Food Eater ✨ UG Flax SpinnerSupporter💎 UG Combat Range 💎 UG Bank Stander 💎 UG Auto Typer 💎 UG Auto Spec 💎 UG Pest Control 💎 UG Pumper 💎 UG Hide Objects 💎 UG NotifierPremium💸 UG Trader 💸 UG Blood Rune 💸 UG Shop Buyer 💸 UG Tempoross AIO 💸 UG Tithe Farm 💸 UG CoX Scouter 💸 UG Player Scouter
  16. xKylee PluginsGithubRepo Owner: xKylee Repo Name: Plugins-releaseSupportFree Plugins: Paid Plugins: Hydra Overlays AOE Warnings Better Antidrag Better Equipment Inspector Better Profiles Blackjack Castlewars Extended Cerberus Overlays ClanManMode Cox Helper Dagannnoth King Overlays Demonic Gorilla Overlays Drop Party Assist Dynamic Max Hit Effect Timers Entity Focus Pile Entity Hider Extended Environment Aid Fight Cave Overlays Fight Cave Spawn Friend Tagging Gauntlet Overlays Grotesque Guardians Overlays Hallowed Sepluchure Overlays Hide Prayers Hide Under High Alchemy Hot Key Walk Hydra Overlays Inferno Overlays Kalphite Queen Overlays Lizardman Overlays Loot Assist⠀MESX Multi Indicators Nightmare Overlays NPC Status Pile Indicators Player Indicator Extended Player Scouter Pray vs Player PVP Tools Reorder PRayers RuneDoku Shayzien Infirmary Smithing Sock Death Socket Extended Socket Player Status Socket Sotetseg Socket Spec Sorceress Garden Assist Spawn Timer Spec Bar Spec Orb Spell Book Stealing Artefacts Assist Stronghold Assist Tarns Lair Assist Temple Trekking Assist Thieving Assist Tick Timer Vorkath Overlays Whale Watchers Wildy Locations Zulrah OverlaysPaidAuto Bandos Prayers Auto Cerb Prayers Auto DK Prayers Auto Demonic Pray Auto FightCave Pray Auto Gauntlet Prayer Auto Hydra Prayers Auto Infernal Prayers Auto Jad Prayers Auto Nightmare Pray Auto Olm Prayers Auto Sara Prayers Auto ToB Prayers Auto Zammy Prayers Auto Zulrah Prayers Auto Cannon Reload Auto Eater Auto Pot Auto PvM Atk & Loot Auto Anti-Rush Auto Anti-tradescam Auto Continue Auto Raids Scouter Auto Typer Chat Pid Shower Chat to Hop Duel Arena Assist Fake Safezones Auto PVP Prayers Auto PvP Scouter Auto Spec PvP Hide Players Auto Coin Pouch xKylee External Plugins | xKylee Premium
  17. CettiGithubOwner: c-madoc Name: TheOutletFreeSupport✨ Varrock Smither ✨ FiremakerSupporter💸 Mining Package 💸 - Motherlode Mine - Gem Miner - Amethyst Miner - Volcanic Ash Miner 💸 Gathering Package 💸 - Tower of Life: Creature Creation - Telegrab Wine of Zamorak 💸 Bank Stander Package 💸 - Cooking - Fletching - Smithing - Crafting - Herblore 💸 Fishing Package 💸 - Anglerfish