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Username or email Password Keep me signed in until I sign out This is a paid guest post.The 2020 Birthday event of OSRS is where the game officially adds another year to its bag of accomplishments. …

This is a paid guest post.
The 2020 Birthday event of OSRS is where the game officially adds another year to its bag of accomplishments. February 22, 2013 was when OSRS was made to be a separate game from modern RuneScape. This was all possible thanks to the huge fanbase that clamored for RuneScape in its old school form. Seven years strong, Jagex wanted to add something special for the players and their loyalty to the beloved MMORPG. The answer that they came up with was to make the Romeo and Juliet quest that first came out 19 years ago. So, just what is this quest? Will it reward you with tons of OSRS gold? And are there any other surprises for OSRS’ 7th birthday? Learn more about it below!
What is the 2020 Birthday Event?
The 2020 Birthday event marks the seventh birthday of Old School RuneScape. These annual birthday events are a staple in the OSRS community. This time around, the event will involve getting Juliet back up on her feet. After the events of Romeo and Juliet, the latter is feeling a tad forlorn about everything that transpired. The problem is that she has to host a birthday party! But without any motivation, it looks like she’s going to need some help. Simply put, your job is to cheer her up!
To start the event, go to her house which is located in the west of Varrock Square and go up to the balcony to talk to Juliet about her woes. After having a conversation with her, head to the room that’s off to the east and talk to Phillipa, Juliet’s cousin who will then instruct you to go to IffieNitter, the knitter that manages the Thessalia’s Fine Clothes store. Now this is where it gets interesting! Iffie hints that to put a smile back on Juliet’s face, you (your character) ought to wear a pair of cat ears! To find the materials, either comb a pet cat or have Gertrude to get loose cat hair. Afterward, return to Iffie and give the loose cat hair to her to make you a pair of cat ears. Once you’ve gotten the goods, return to Juliet wearing these ears and talk to her to cheer her up. Performing happy emotes (spin, dance, jig) helps as well!
In the end, Juliet will finally cheer up and successfully host a birthday party—thanks to you! While the only reward that you’ll get for doing this quest is a pair of cat ears, it’s nonetheless a fun experience to celebrate Old School RuneScape’s 7th birthday.
Knick Knacks
To up the birthday cheer for OSRS’7th birthday, there are also 7thanniversary exclusive merch in the Official Merch Store! One of the items includes a detailed pin from Angels Scrapes that features Tim and Crunchy. Thanks to the opaque effect that the stained-glass exudes, this limited edition item looks absolutely stunning. Another new addition to the Official Merch Store doesn’t necessarily commemorate the birthday of OSRS, but more for Ironmen. Ironman varsity jackets are also up for grabs if you’re looking to flaunt your Ironman status.
What the Future Brings for OSRS
With things as they are right now, no doubt we’ll see even more annual birthday events for Old School RuneScape. Despite not having greater rewards for the birthday event this year like and double EXP, and tons of gold for users to take advantage of (and even list on an OSRS Gold sell site) it’s nice to see that OSRS is strong. What event would you like to see for next year’s annual birthday event? Tell us all about it by leaving a comment below!