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The new PS Plus has arrived in the US.PlayStation began the rollout of its revamped PS Plus service last month, gradually launching it in different parts of the world including Japan and the rest of …

The new PS Plus has arrived in the US.
PlayStation began the rollout of its revamped PS Plus service last month, gradually launching it in different parts of the world including Japan and the rest of Asia before that. This week, it's the turn of the US which will almost definitely result in even more details about the tiered system being revealed in the coming days. As for those of you planning to sign up or upgrade, the new PS Plus appears to have gone live in the US.
That's according to Nibellion who has shared a screenshot from the PlayStation Store confirming the service is now live. Titles such as Arkham Asylum and Ghost of Tsushima now have labels confirming them to be free and included with a PS Plus Premium subscription. Classic games like Syphon Filter and Ape Escape also have the Premium tag attached, as well as how much they will cost to buy separately.
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It was confirmed prior to the PS Plus rollout that select classic games will be available to buy separately, even if you don't have a PS Plus subscription. It was also confirmed that if you have bought those games digitally in the past, you will be able to redownload them for free and benefit from new features. Those new features include better visuals in some cases and the ability to rewind if you mess up and need to play part of the game again.
Certain games that will be available through the Extra and Premium tiers also appear to have had expiration dates added to their descriptions. Dates detailing when exactly they will be leaving the service, as much like Game Pass, a number of titles won't be available indefinitely. Red Dead Redemption 2, which is available with both an Extra or Premium subscription, will be leaving PS Plus on September 20, 2022 (via videotech), so play it while you can.
Even though games will not remain on PS Plus indefinitely, PlayStation has already confirmed new titles will be added monthly, much like they have been for the regular PS Plus until now. Speaking of which, if you were subscribed to PS Plus already in the US, you will have now been automatically transferred to the Essential tier. If you had both a Plus and a Now subscription, you will be automatically transferred across to the Premium tier.
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