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These Sims 4 mods flesh out the social media elements of the game, adding new features and functionality.Social media has become a constant presence in our lives, so it only makes sense that the dedicated …

These Sims 4 mods flesh out the social media elements of the game, adding new features and functionality.
Social media has become a constant presence in our lives, so it only makes sense that the dedicated modding community of The Sims 4 would have extended this reality into the Sims world. While the game does allow for some features, such as Simstagram and updating your social media, it truly lacks the user interface that many players desire.
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However, mods have been created that either completely redo the social media interface in the Sims or even help you as you and your sim climb the ladder for the social media career. No matter what you want to see changed, a modder has probably done it, and here are some of the best social media mods available for the Sims 4.
While the Slice of Life mod made by KawaiiStacieMods is not just a social media mod – it revamps the whole Sims gaming experience – it does add features to make a more realistic smartphone for your Sims to use. Now they will be able to post more frequently on their social media platforms and even add different apps you can download that will help you improve your Sims' skills.
The mod also adds more realistic features like adding periods for Sims and making sickness more realistic. Be careful though because with this mode your Sims can also get drunk.
A small mod change by adeepindigo, Social Networks Interactions Crossover simply adds more non-career social media interactions onto the phone interface, rather than having them only be available on the computer. Moreover, this adds the Simstagram story option to the computer as well as the phone.
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While this in-game change is small it makes a world of difference in being able to access social media interactions quickly and not have to worry about having the correct device on hand.
Just as the name suggests the Social Media Career For Teens mod allows teens to employ themselves in the social media career that was introduced in Sims 4: City Living. This mod, created by modder TwistedMexi, simply allows teens to employ themselves in the career branch before they hit the young adult stage.
The hours and pay rates stay the same as if the teens are young adults, but it allows the Sims who want to become an influencer to gain a head start. It's a creative mod that allows you more options when dealing with teen Sims.
Plumfruit 2 is the second mod of this name, and the new and improved version, created by Arnie to completely overhaul the user-interface system of your Sims' smartphone, making it much more realistic and closer looking to our own devices.
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Along with adding dating apps, maps, and even a camera feature to your phone, this mod completely redoes the entire Simstagram feature making it a place where you can actually look at your Sims' profile and even receive comments. You can even post directly from the app.
Finding love in the world of Sims just became a lot more fun with the introduction of the "SimDa" dating app by Little MsSam. This mod allows you to download a dating app on your phone and opens a new world of possibilities for your Sim to partake in. It allows you to look for something serious or casual and even allows you to go searching for one-night stands.
And just like in real-life you can tweak the features to find exactly what you're looking for from age to gender preferences. Even if you are unsure, the app allows selecting the blind-date experience where you won't know who you are meeting up with.
If you are tired of the regular social media career, pugglerock's Media Influencer mod adds a whole new career branch for your Sim to work up the ladder. You'll start off in the bottom and clean the office, but you can slowly work your way up with two different career tracks to pick from.
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What's unique about this mod is that you can decide that your sim would prefer to take more of a back-office role, becoming an administrator behind the scenes, or you can allow them to be front and center and be a full-blown content creator. It's a unique career that adds a lot of flexibility to the Sims world and lets you either be on camera or be the one pulling the strings from behind the scenes.
Much like the social media career, this mod created by KiaraSims4Mods adds a new career all about gaining popularity on social media. However, this career is more realistic to the real world as it allows you to work from home, and you have to complete tasks like taking a selfie, recording a video, or even going out to meet a celebrity.
This mod is great if you aren't feeling satisfied with the regular social media career branch and want to bring the world of influencers directly to the world of Sims. You will need both the City Living pack and the Get Famous pack for this mod to be compatible with your Sims 4 game.
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