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Hide your user interface and pull out your Prt Scr button, ’cause these are the most beautiful and eye-catching locations in Cantha. Cantha is the new island nation that players have been exploring in the …

Hide your user interface and pull out your Prt Scr button, ’cause these are the most beautiful and eye-catching locations in Cantha.
Cantha is the new island nation that players have been exploring in the new Guild Wars 2 expansion: End of Dragons. It was cut off from the rest of the world more than 100 years ago (until now), so the entire region feels foreign and unusual. It's also visually stunning, making the exploration all the more enticing.
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There are so many gorgeous spots in Cantha that it would be impossible to name them all. Each of us form a different connection with different regions we discover as we travel, and with the nooks and crannies that make the world feel alive. However, in this article, we've rounded up our very favourite destinations for you.
We couldn't collect a list of the best places in Cantha without including Cat Island, right? This is, simply put, an island full of cats. You have to cross a rickety rope bridge to get to it (or jump up on a mount from below) but we promise it's worth it.
As you climb, you'll encounter cats with their own names and goofy descriptions, such as Sissel, who "actually enjoys belly pets. Demands them, in fact." And, at the very top, you can grab yourself an End of Dragons Mastery Point. It's a win-win situation for you and the cats because, no need to worry, you can absolutely pet them.
Seitung Harbor is among the very first areas you experience in End of Dragons, so it's no surprise that ArenaNet wanted to make a splash with it. This region is gorgeous from top to bottom, in every crevice, crack, and dock there is some lovely view to see.
There's the Harbor Market, of course, which hosts vendors peddling fish, vegetables, and other things you'd expect of a farmer's market, all surrounding a little man-made pond. There are the docks, where you get an incredible view of the town and the giant bell surrounded by jade. There are the local streets curving between the houses, where people are trading and talking with one another. The immersion and attention to detail are breathtaking.
The Shing Jea Monastery is where you meet the Empress of Cantha shortly after making your unannounced arrival, so you may have been too star-struck to take a look around. It's well worth your time. Since this area is so fancy, it should be no surprise that your beloved author, Snargle Goldclaw, can be found here.
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If you take a look around, first and most obviously you'll find the Royal Court with the Empress' throne. It's blue and sits on a pedestal of jade, carved to look like a wave with fish caught in it. Outside, there's a memorial, some gardens, some private residences, and many bewildered people from the Tyrian mainland talking with Canthan locals about the history of the area.
So much of New Kaineng City is stunning, but we have to praise this garden in particular. It's a place with a small man-made stream, grass and golden trees, and – the main event – a colossal monument carved out of Jade depicting Soo-Won. It was erected in honour of her protection from the scourge that erupted when Zhaitan awoke and of the technological advances she gave to the Canthan people. You'll definitely need to grab some screenshots here.
You'll also find the Garden of the Celestials in New Kaineng City, which is a bit more connected to the technological aesthetic that you probably think of when you think of Kaineng. This garden is high up in the sky and a bit of a pain to get to until you know what you're doing, but it's undeniably worth your time.
This spot offers unparalleled views of the city below, showcasing the spectacular architecture and the ways that jade-tech has been incorporated into everyday life. Nearby, a large piece of jade is hovering in the air, on display.
Saint Anjeka's Shrine is a hidden spot in the Echovald Wilds with a Point of Interest attached to it. You'll need to head here for the Cryptseeker achievement that gives you access to the Valdhertz Crypts mini-dungeon.
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This stunning underground grotto is bathed in soft yellow light streaming through a partially-destroyed window. Ghosts of the past hover nearby, restless. And, in the water below, there are rare, unique fish to be caught. For that reason, you'll often find players here riding their skiffs.
Mori Village is a large Tengu encampment that's tucked away in a far corner of the Echovald Wilds, far away from the hideouts of the two gangs: the Speakers and the Jade Brotherhood. Here, the Tengu live in relative peace with one another.
It was lovely to, in this expansion, get a bit more lore for the Tengu race. They feature prominently in other parts of the game, especially if you play as a Sylvari and have encountered the great big door leading off from Caledon Forest into their home city. They don't allow non-Tengu into their home city on mainland Tyria precisely because of their prior history in Cantha: a former Emperor drove out most of their species off of Cantha. Can't blame 'em for not trusting others after experiencing such cruel racism.
Everyone's favourite bad boy, Canach, reappeared for this expansion. This time, he was running a club out of an airship – until, that is, you give him a hand and he winds up establishing his own club in Arborstone.
The Club Canach area is super fun! There are mini-games to play, a band to listen to, a bar to get drunk at… all the things you'd want out of a dance club, even in a fantasy universe. Just don't go gambling away more than you can afford to spend, huh?
The Temple of the Turtle is a relative drop in the ocean that is Dragon's End. However, the more time we spent passing through it on the way to events, the more we came to appreciate this spot. ​​​​​​​
It's a temple dedicated to an animal spirit (the Turtle, of course) that's somehow managed to survive amid the Qunlai Jade's mining efforts and the destructive forces of the Void not far away.
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A group of Canthans are there, praying. From this Temple, you can spy the various story aspects inherent in the Dragon's End map: the destruction of the Void, the scaffolding set up for mining, and natural waves that formed so long ago, back when the Jade Sea was first crystalized.
Archipelagos Rim is an area in the northeastern corner of Dragon's End, where the Jade Sea's formation, the Qunlai Jade mining efforts, and the Void's destruction have not had impacts so drastic as they have further south.
This spot is lush: absolutely brimming with life. You could easily spend hours fawning over the trees and waterfalls here. That time would be facilitated by the fact that there's even a bar hidden at the lowest level, with friendly patrons to talk to and young Siege Turtles playing nearby.
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