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To enjoy our website, you’ll need to enable JavaScript in your web browser. Please click here to learn how.

It is common knowledge that there are black market communities where players can trade gold, accounts and items within OldSchool RuneScape for in-game gold or real money. Many of these communities’ service providers turn out to be fake, resulting their customers to be victims of frauds. This is the case because communities we mention here are third parties and not parts of any organizations. Jagex does not allow third party interference and is having regulation issues, since these communities make money off their game without giving
Jagex anything in return. Therefore, communities that are a part off the “Black Market of OSRS” can be run by anyone and everyone, as the name suggests, making it easy to have trust issues.
However, there are other communities such as Sythe that are doing whatever is in their power to ensure secure transactions and best customer satisfaction on their premises.

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Nowadays, players can employ people to help them advance in OldSchool RuneScape, either via power leveling, gold and item trading or even account selling, for a certain fee of course. This fee can be charged in either real cash or RuneScape gold. Do not let that cloud your mind, OSRS Black Market is a double-edged sword, meaning that there are many trusted, well established vendors and probably twice as many not trusted ones who gladly accept players’ requests, therefore it is advisable to exercise caution. Black market communities are fighting this by having a scam report section where players can report vendors who have malicious intents. 
Apart from options like buying and selling accounts, gold or items for OldSchool RuneScape, there are services where players can employ a vendor to do the grinding for them, but with a twist though, players have to give their account details to a vendor that is deemed to be reliable. This is where the skepticism arises for most potential customers and for a valid reason. Players do not easily give away their account info and especially not to a stranger online. Accounts can be cleaned out and even stolen, losing all progress done and resulting players to start over. To find out how to recognize a trusted vendor read the next title. 
Vendors who do the job the right way usually have order forms where potential customers have to fill out the service required and other contract details. After the clarification of basics, the vendor and the customer agree upon the price, which is usually in RuneScape gold or even certain items, and finally the customer has to give account details to seal the agreement. It is commonly agreed that customers leave fees on their characters and nothing else, so that the employee can use the gold or items as compensation for a completed job. This is a good strategy to remove any chance of foul play, but in case something goes wrong and players get scammed anyway, a vendor is considered 100% guilty and should compensate the damaged customer if he or she wants to stay in business. Since vendors usually employ other people online for carrying out necessary services, it can be difficult to find a reliable employee who will not harm customers nor vendor’s reputation. In order to mitigate chances of employing scammers, vendors can create contracts such as paying a deposit fee in RuneScape gold in case an employee commits a scam, providing a valid ID to the vendor and other security measures. This helps vendors to stand behind their promises and to ensure the best service possible. 
Players are usually looking for a trusted vendor that may help them save time from grinding and these vendors try to fulfill players’ requests without making any judgmental mistakes in the process that may hurt their reputation in the community. As you can see, there is a lot in stake here, for both parties. Some vendors realized that, in order to distinguish themselves from the malicious ones and to appear more trustworthy, they should donate real cash to a forum they operate on. By doing this, such vendors can reinforce their reliability and guarantee an honest and professional approach to work within the community. Additionally, one can check how many referrals and positive feedbacks certain vendors have in order to determine the reliability of the vendor. Naturally, all of these points mentioned can also aid with the reputation level of a certain vendor which helps him to stand out from the competition.
Middleman is a common name for a trusted service provider within the OSRS black market community. This individual has an actual purpose other than making customers feel safe. The middleman usually conducts a series of security measures to ensure that deals do not go sideways. Most middlemen advertise their services as free, but in return they take a fee in form of a tip. If customers feel skeptical about a certain middleman, they can check how much cash they traded so far, meaning that if a middleman traded $80.000,00 there is a low chance that they will scam customers for $70 or $100, because they can profit more in the long run. Another approach on how to inspect a credibility of a middleman is to check whether they have an OMM status. “Official middleman” is a rank that is gained for being trustworthy and respectable. Take this with a grain of salt, most middlemen have their set of terms and conditions, most common being “no liability”. This means that middlemen will only do certain safety checks and will even do risky trades just so they can get a good tip. This is the biggest reason why middlemen are tricky and normal traders can prove to be better since they claim much more responsibility. 
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