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Learn how to set up the Northstar client in Titanfall 2.Apex Legends is one of the biggest shooters out right now, with millions of concurrent players continually coming back to the game, despite its flaws. …

Learn how to set up the Northstar client in Titanfall 2.
Apex Legends is one of the biggest shooters out right now, with millions of concurrent players continually coming back to the game, despite its flaws. One of the battle royale's most oft-praised features is its movement system – traversing the world feels smooth and fluid on a level few other games can reach.
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What far less realise, or at least remember, is that Apex's fantastic movement system finds its roots in the Titanfall series – remarkable shooters that actually have even more movement potential than Apex. Sadly, 2016's Titanfall 2 fell by the wayside as Respawn Entertainment moved onto Apex, and to make things worse, the game then fell victim to constant DDOS-ing, which turned into an entire saga that involved Apex being hacked too.
All of this made the game pretty much unplayable, much to the dismay of Titanfall's small, but passionate, community. Despite being widely regarded as one of the greatest shooters of all time, the game was considered pretty much dead by everyone save for a handful of die-hard fans. In December 2021, however, that same community saved the game entirely, developing a custom client that not only allowed for private, DDOS-proof servers but gave players a far greater level of control over the game's settings, making custom game modes a possibility for the first time. Now that you're up to speed on Titanfall's history, if you're a returning player or looking to get into it for the first time, here's how to install and set up the Northstar client.
Named after the in-game class of Titan, the Northstar client is a community-developed client for Titanfall 2 and is primarily the hard work of BobtheBob. It offers far more functionality than vanilla Titanfall 2, and does not rely on support from Respawn to stay online. The client features a server browser, allowing users to find games of whatever mode they want to play, and join them on player-run servers.
It isn't an entirely separate game; think of it as a mod for Titanfall 2. You use it to launch the same game, just with some extra features. For anyone looking to play, it's a must, given the aforementioned state of vanilla Titanfall 2.
There is a very active community around Northstar, so you should have no difficulty finding people to play with if you need some teammates. Likewise, if you're looking to shake things up, the modding scene is similarly active, with numerous fun and interesting mods already becoming popular.
Northstar can only be accessed by PC players, so if you're on console, you are unfortunately out of luck. You will also need to own Titanfall 2 to use Northstar, as downloading the client is useless without the game itself. Lastly, if Titanfall 1 was more your thing, fear not! Work is underway on something similar for the original game.
In addition to all the modes from vanilla Titanfall 2, players have created numerous custom modes. Some fast-emerging favourites include Gun Game (which works exactly how you'd expect), Infection (not dissimilar to Apex Legends' halloween mode), and Fastball (a 3v3 where death is permanent within each round, and the fight starts by having BT throw you into battle).
The server browser allows you to easily find spaces in lobbies for any game mode you're in the mood for, allowing you to hop into games at your leisure, rather than waiting on unreliable matchmaking to do the job for you.
If all of that isn't enough for you, the private match creator has a vast array of settings and toggles you can alter, allowing you to create unique scenarios or game modes of your own. Everything from making the ground lethal to disabling bleed out can be tweaked, so there's no end of options to play around with.
If you want to install Northstar for yourself, the first thing you'll want to do is head to its GitHub page, where you should download the pictured .zip file. Once you've downloaded it, locate the file on your computer, right-click it, and select "Extract All" to take the files out of the .zip and into a folder of the same name.
What you need to do next depends on your launcher of choice, as different launchers can store game files in different places:
On the menu for Titanfall 2 in your Steam library, click the gear icon for settings and hover over "Manage" to pop out another menu. On this menu, select "Browse local files". This will open a new File Explorer window where Titanfall 2's game files are kept. The folder itself is called "Titanfall2" by default.
If for whatever reason, locating the folder like this isn't an option, you can use the following path, assuming you've never moved things from their default locations. Go into "Program Files (x86)", then "Steam". Scroll down to "steamapps", open that, and go into "common", where you should see folders for all of your games, including Titanfall 2.
Return to the window with your Northstar client folder and copy everything in the Northstar folder (not the folder itself) over to the Titanfall 2 folder.
This will give you everything you need to run Northstar.
Origin doesn't have an easy way to access game files like Steam, so you'll have to navigate to the Titanfall 2 folder yourself. Unless you've moved files around yourself, the default path for Origin should be as follows. Open a new File Explorer window, select "Local Disk", then "Program Files (x86)". You should see a folder called "Origin Games". Open that, and Titanfall's folder should be right there.
At that point, it's the same as it was for Steam – copy the contents of the Northstar folder into your existing Titanfall folder.
The Northstar client does run as a separate application from Titanfall 2, so it's not as simple as just launching Titanfall 2 from your launcher of choice. While you're still in the Titanfall folder with the Northstar files copied in, locate "NorthstarLauncher.exe" and run it, which should cause Northstar to open for the first time. You'll be met with an authentication pop-up, and after that, you're good to go!
To launch Northstar more easily in the future, you can pin Northstar to your taskbar while it's running, or add it to Steam or Origin with the "Add non-Steam/Origin" game option in the respective launchers. All you have to do is locate the file as before, and you'll be able to launch it from within your launcher as you would any other game.
Once Northstar has booted up, you'll see a slightly different version of Titanfall 2's main menu. To access Northstar's servers and features, click "Launch Northstar", just below the multiplayer heading. From the Northstar menu, you'll be taken to the multiplayer screen, where you can use the server browser and private match options to access all the game modes described above.
Titanfall 2 is an incredible game, so enjoy its renaissance!
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