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There are some strongboxes in Verdant Brink. Let’s find all of them using this guide.Strongboxes are hidden caches located around maps in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. These boxes will reward you with one …

There are some strongboxes in Verdant Brink. Let’s find all of them using this guide.
Strongboxes are hidden caches located around maps in Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns. These boxes will reward you with one mastery point the first time you open one, making them quite valuable as you explore and gain mastery experience. Within Verdant Brink, you can find five strongboxes located around the map.
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In this guide, we are going to take a look at every strongbox location in Verdant Brink, as well as how to get there. But before that, let's go over some general details and start with the basics: what do you need to find these items?
To find these strongboxes, you just need to unlock the ability to use drafts while gliding and use bouncing mushrooms. Both of these masteries will unlock as you progress through the Heart of Thorns story, so this should be a piece of cake. First, let's take a look at the Faren's Flyer strongbox.
You can get to each of these strongboxes without a mount. However, it may be a bit easier to reach them if you already have mounts unlocked
This strongbox is perched high above the trees and can be found on the wooden deck of a crashed airship. To get to Faren's Flyer strongbox, start your journey from Mallaggan's Valor Waypoint.
From here, you will want to head east on the platform until you come to a small updraft vent. Jump in here and glide up to the wrecked ship, taking a second vent to boost you higher in the air. Once you land, you can run straight to the vista; in the map portion of the image above, you can see the path from the Waypoint leading to the vista.
At the vista, turn southwest until you are facing a wooden deck. You will not be able to see it right away from your current position, but you will be able to see where it is on your map. Glide down to the deck and you will find the strongbox towards the front edge.
The Glory of Tyria strongbox is fairly simple to open; first, head to the Faren's Flyer Waypoint.
From here, take the path leading around the east side, as shown in the image above. When you get to the ledge, you can glide down and find the strongbox on a small ledge.
This strongbox is a bit trickier to get to because there is no set path that you can take. Starting from the Shipwreck Peak Waypoint, glide down towards the Creeping Crevasse. You should see a hero point and mastery point close together in the direction that you are gliding.
Before you get to the location, you can find the Lethal Vantage strongbox on a ledge to the east. If you overshoot it, you can either use a mount to get there or start again from the Waypoint.
If you are worried about missing the strongbox, start your search high in the branches. Once you make it to the location marked on the map above, you can drop down to lower ledges until you arrive at the one holding the strongbox.
Next up, we have the Mellaggan's Valor strongbox. To get here, start from the Mellaggan's Valor Waypoint, and head northwest on the platform that you are currently standing on. The ledge of the platform will have a bouncing mushroom that will take you across the gap, onto a new platform filled with enemies. Take a left from here until you see a stone structure.
There may be a lot of enemies on this ledge so if you are looking to quickly open the strongbox, we recommend taking the immediate left and keeping your distance.
You can reach the top with the bouncing mushroom on the north side of the structure, or by using your Springer mount. Once on the top of the platform, you can open the Mallaggan's Valor strongbox and claim your reward.
Lastly, we have the Thunderbreaker strongbox. Despite the tough name, this strongbox is the easiest to find.
To get to this strongbox, head to the Faren's Flyer Waypoint. From here, you can see the strongbox while looking to the west. In the image above, you can see the view of the strongbox right at the Waypoint.
Head up the ramp from the waypoint until you are at the top of the wreckage, and then glide down to the strongbox. Alternatively, if you have a Springer mount, you can just hop to it from the bottom of the platform that the box is on.
With that, you have now opened all the strongboxes in Verdant Brink! In total, you have gained ten achievement points and five mastery points. There are strongboxes to be found in the other Heart of Thorns maps as well, so don't forget to explore these locations too.
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