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Lamplighter’s Badges are an essential item used in legendary crafting. Here, you can learn how to obtain this item in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.Lamplighter's Badges are rare items that are used to craft …

Lamplighter’s Badges are an essential item used in legendary crafting. Here, you can learn how to obtain this item in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons.
Lamplighter's Badges are rare items that are used to craft legendary items in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons. This item can be hard to come across, but we are here to help you gather enough so that you can craft your very own legendary weapon. In this guide, we are going to go over how to obtain Lamplighter's Badges, as well as what you can do with them.
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Similar to many materials in Guild Wars 2, you can easily buy this item. Due to their rarity though, these badges are quite expensive. Because of this, we are going to go over alternative methods for obtaining Lamplighter's Badges if you don't have the gold to spare.
The first way to obtain Lamplighter's Badges is through map completion in Cantha. After achieving map completion of each map listed below, you will receive one Lamplighter's Badge, for a total of four.
Map completion of these areas consists of visiting every Waypoint, vista, point of interest, renown heart, and hero challenge. Mastery Insights are not included in map completion, so you do not have to commune at every Insight to obtain Lamplighter's Badges.
It's important to note that map completion is separate between characters. For example, if you fully explore Dragon's End with your main character, and then use a level 80 boost on a second character, you will be able to explore Cantha and earn another Lamplighter's Badge.
Lamplighter's Badges can also be purchased on each map. To buy this badge, you will need a gift for the area. For example, to buy a Lamplighter's Badge in New Kaineng City, you will need one Gift of New Kaineng City.
Gifts are rewarded for map completion, so once you clear a map, you will receive an associated gift along with the badge. Below, you can check out each vendor that offers Lamplighter's Badges.
Additional map-specific gifts can be earned by making another character and exploring Cantha again, or by completing the Illuminated achievement mentioned below.
By completing Illuminating achievements, you can also gain one Lamplighter's Badge. These are achievements that require you to power Jade Lanterns in a map. For example, if you light all 56 lanterns in Seitung Province, you will complete the Illuminating Seitung Province achievement. Each map has an associated Illuminated achievement that can be completed an infinite number of times.
Upon completion of the achievement, you will receive a Chest of the Jade Explorer that contains the Lamplighter Badge, as well as a map-specific gift and a cache that depends on your profession. Additionally, you will have the chance to obtain a Black Lion Chest Key and a Transmutation Charge.
Overall, there are a lot of lanterns spread throughout Cantha, and each one requires one battery charge to light. Be sure to level up your Jade Bot mastery so it can hold more charges!
To make a legendary weapon, you will need ten Lamplighter's Badges. These are used to create the poems for each legendary weapon.
For example, to make the legendary hammer Aurene's Weight, you will need one Gift of Aurene's Weight. This is a trophy that can be made in the Mystic Forge, using items including the Poem on Hammers.
To make this Poem on Hammers, you need to combine the following items in the Mystic Forge.
To efficiently farm for Lamplighter's Badges, we recommend completing the Illuminated achievements on each map. This method does not require you to make another character and get them to level 80. Additionally, since this achievement can be completed an infinite amount of times, you can earn enough Lamplighter's Badges to make more than one legendary weapon.
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