Windows Performance Analyzer – Table & Graph Configurations (Part 1)

For every pivot/group to the left of the gold bar, the rows are calculated based mostly on the aggregation chosen. Within the beneath desk screenshot, ‘Transient’ is expanded to point out the aggregated values for …

For every pivot/group to the left of the gold bar, the rows are calculated based mostly on the aggregation chosen. Within the beneath desk screenshot, ‘Transient’ is expanded to point out the aggregated values for every sub group. Each column may be configured with a unique aggregation, which is particularly helpful for views that incorporate CPU, Memory, and Disk utilization. One of the best approach to get a really feel for the ability of aggregations is to open a desk and play round with altering column aggregation modes and increasing/collapsing pivot teams. So earlier than persevering with, I encourage you to leap in and check out issues out! Columns in tables will be shortly sorted by clicking the column header. Should you wish to type the info primarily based on it’s absolute worth, merely hold CTRL key whereas clicking whereas clicking the column header to toggle. Column codecs can hep current information in simpler-to-learn methods by doing issues like altering the variety of decimals in a floating level quantity, the time unites of time-based mostly knowledge, and the bottom (hex? decimal? go loopy) of a integer information level. For instance, open a hint captured with WPR’s General Profile and broaden ‘Storage’ and “double click” Disk Usage within the ‘Graph Explorer‘. The dimensions column is displayed as Bytes by default. I hope this put up give fast overview on how you can configure columns to ease evaluation in WPA. If you wish to study extra, there are lots of extra situations we didn’t cowl that may be discovered at Microsoft Docs.

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